Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Fieldtrip Reflection

These are some of the questions I will ask myself to evaluate the fieldtrip:
  • Did the students learn the concepts that they were supposed to as mentioned in the goals and objectives of this fieldtrip?
  • Did this fieldtrip provide a unique educational experience?
  • Was there adequate time for students to cover all the site locations?
  • Were there enough adults to provide supervision during the trip?
  • Was the safety and discipline plan adequate?
  • How can the next visit to this site be improved in the future?
  • What problems if any should be addressed in the future?


  1. Sunita, this is a great field trip blog. I will definitely visit this place and figure out how to integrate the field trip to the third grade curriculum.

  2. Sunita,
    Nice work on your blog. Consider adding a few images that are close up, zoom in to the plants and flowers that make this site unique. Thanks for all of your work on this assignment. Nice job!
    Dr. G